I’m The Queen of Wishful Thinking (Really)

I should start carrying around a tiny notebook with me so I can write down ideas as they come to me because I know there was something I wanted to talk about tonight on here, and I have no idea what it was. Two days in a row here. What is going on? I’m gettin’ old.

Anyway, tonight’s Once Upon A Time was rather awesome. It gave me the feeling of being enclosed in a tight little room because only a handful of the characters made an appearance in the episode. We met the Mad Hatter and discovered he was one more person who knows and believes in the curse and the other world. And may I also say he was SO HOT in the real world? I was sitting there the entire time mentally drooling at his sexy face. And he had nice hair. And a fantastic wardrobe. TRIPLE FUCK YEAH. Unf. Next week’s episode seems very intriguing as the preview heavily hinted that we’re finally going to find out what Snow did to Regina to piss her off so much. Can’t wait!

I also sort of can’t wait for Titanic in 3D. I’ve seen that movie loads of times, but I think I might actually go and see it in 3D. Although what I really still want to see is The Artist. But as I said before, I want someone to accompany me. Movies by yourself can be nice, but…I really want to go with someone to see this particular movie.

Lastly, I just want to share this great New Found Glory song, The King of Wishful Thinking, because I find it infinitesimally beautiful, lyrically and musically. Enjoy :)


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