Party Hardy

Today was gorgeous. We had beautiful weather and I got to eat lunch outside. I also got attacked by spiders out there, but it was still wonderful. Plus, I wore those super comfortable Jessica Simpson pumps with my flower clips on them and got quite a few compliments about them, which always feels good. And HNI noticed them too, bonusss.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to get up to like 82 or something crazy. I’m not sure what I’m going to wear, but it’s going to be summery. Even though I won’t be spending the majority of my day outside. That’s something I always found interesting about myself (not sure if anyone else does this). I dress for the weather outside, regardless of what the temperature will be like inside. Although I usually bring a cardigan or blazer as well…

Anyway, I exercised outside today. Walked/ran around the neighborhood and then did wind sprints in the drive way. I was out of breath and it was GLORIOUS. I love pushing myself until it hurts because exercise-pain is wonderful pain. Especially muscular fever after you’ve worked out a muscle you haven’t in a while and the next day it hurts. That’s one of my favorite pains. Yes, I have favorite pains. Another is when a few strands of hair get slept on in an unnatural position and then when I touch the particular spot of hair it hurts but it’s like…synesthetically, I would describe it has a blue-teal-green feeling. And it feels AMAZING. Now I want someone to play with my hair. *Sigh* I need someone in my life who will play with my hair on command. Seriously.

I also joined Pinterest today because one of my friends practically demanded I sign up. It’s like a weird Tumblr, and I must say I prefer Tumblr much more. Especially since Tumblr doesn’t have HTML problems. Pinterest will not let me edit my email settings because it just keeps showing me the scripting for the page. So frustrating. But it’s a pretty cool site nonetheless. I thought about joining it over a year ago when it wasn’t so big. I StumbleUponed it and thought it was interesting.

And now I’m off to party hardy with high school friends. Good night!



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