Sleep-In Sundays.

Days like today when I was able to sleep in really make me miss high school summers. Some of the best (and boring, yes) times of my life happened during high school summers. But the best parts were always being able to sleep in ’til noon for 3 straight months. And I would have the wildest dreams every night. I’m so happy (and privileged, I think) to be able to sleep in on weekends. And sort of sleep in on Monday/Wednesdays, although the fact that my alarm goes off at 9:30 those days kinda ruins it and makes me not want to count them at sleep ins.

But the memory of waking up late today is slightly squandered by the highly annoying memory of a rude customer. He could clearly see I was busy doing something and proceeded to ask me various stupid questions and then kept interrupting me while I was trying to answer them. And then the asshole had the audacity to say “You sound like I’m speakin’ French or somethin’” as if it’s MY fault that he can’t enunciate his words and shut the fuck up for a minute so I can answer him. I hate customers. I hate working in sales. I’m pretty sure I’ve expressed this before, but listen to me people: Don’t be rude to the people who serve you. If I worked in the food industry, I would have definitely spit in that guy’s food. I’m not even joking. And if I were still sick, probably coughed on it too. Unfortunately, all I can do at Job 2 is give a fake smile and rude tone back. But boy do I wish I could extend my hand and smack the living shit out of some people. And then banish them from the store.

Anyway, last night I went to see Gone With The Wind at the Redford Theatre and it was quite nice. Everytime I see that movie (which isn’t often cause I get restless – it’s so damn long) I understand it better. Probably also has to do with the fact that the mind matures as time goes on. But perhaps it helped that the place is gorgeous. It’s decorated in Japanese style with stained glass exit signs everywhere and all sorts of Japanese motifs from ceiling to floor. I snapped a picture before the movie began. Those ladies are standing in front of the organ.




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