I Wear Large Sunhats in March.

Let me first start off this post with the best part of my day, which was the whole of today’s class. I always have buttloads of fun in this Friday class in comparison to the rest of the week for some reason. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s Friday or because the teacher is more comfortable with me and Alyza or because it’s just a more relaxed atmosphere or what, but Fridays have been absolutely grand the past 3 weeks.

Today we had to do various serging and topstitching techniques involving elastic and wooly nylon. After lunch and a quiz, we were sent out to do market research in the stores we had chosen to research and “sell” our products in. Alyza and I went to Target and JC Penney and had a blast. After doing the homework, we spent the rest of the time trying on hats and jackets and trenches (and I tried on some dresses) and ended up buying these fabulously large sun hats from Target for $15 each. I also coerced her into buying this gorgeous banana yellow trench coat that goes really nicely with her skin tone.

Then we went to JC Penney and booked it toward accessories again and we both picked up a pair of Worthington tights (she got hers for like $1, mine were $3!) and then we found ridiculous hats again and we both got these hipster felt hats that were only $1.00. ONE DOLLAR PEOPLE. A DOLLAR. I picked up this awesome headband with a plethora of bushy orange flowers on it too and I am so excited to wear it. As well as my big Target hat.

We found church hats. We obviously had to take a picture. P.S. I'm clutching the hat I bought at Target.

That said, this morning my mom was watching the news and they had mentioned that Congress or whatever had voted down the Republicans proposed amendment about the the whole birth control issue thing. I THINK. That’s what I remember hearing. But that’s not the point. The point is that what fucking country is this that I’m living in right now, COMMUNIST RUSSIA or something? This is AMERICA. Hello, are we not supposed to have SEPARATION OF STATE AND CHURCH? Why are these bible humping idiots getting their religious views all up in MY right to have something as basic as birth control? Furthermore, who are YOU, a VAGINA-LESS BEING to decide what I, a vessel for your parasite, can and cannot do with my body? I find it absolutely absurd that there is any issue at all with this. This idiocy continues to confirm my belief that parts of society like this are going back in time with their thinking. What is this, the 1700s? 

Speaking of which – that Rick Santorum guy? What the fuck is that? I don’t know if any of you guys have watched his campaign ads, but next time you see one on, close your eyes and listen to it. It sounds like a serious fucking joke. I was out of the living room a few weeks ago when one was on and happened to just hear it, and at first I sincerely thought I was hearing some kind of practical joke until I heard him say his name and that you should vote for him. I’LL VOTE FOR YOU IF I WANT TO LIVE IN THE 1700S AND GET BURNED AT THE STAKE, THANKS RICK. I want to vomit all over the GOP candidates cause I think they’re all damn stupid.

There was something else I wanted to incorporate into this rant/philosophy section here, but I forgot what it was. Oh well.



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