April Fool’s Eve.

Cheers to another boring day. I spent about 3 hours on Skype with my best friend today. We, or rather I, beat my head looking for our small black carry-on luggage (because I had another ‘nightmare’ last night about packing an hour before my flight was supposed to take off) only to find out that my grandma took it back to Romania with her last year. So I really do need to buy a new carry-on. Although I’m trying to find a bag that isn’t as small as a small carry-on and not as big as a mid-sized bag.

I also watched Religulous on Netflix, which was a fantastic documentary that Bill Maher did in 2008. It really brought to light just how vast the Christian faith stretches across America, as well as how incredibly fucking brain-washed people are. Along with other religions too. I’m not going to begin to explain the entirety of this movie, so I’ll just highly encourage you all to see it for yourselves. I personally thought it was bloody brilliant and it made me want to be Bill Maher’s bff.

And then I went to Target. Not because I needed anything, but because it’s conveniently right by my house and I was extremely bored. I ended up buying hair dye because I remembered while I was trying on dresses that I actually do need that desperately, and I found these cute orange ombre “dipping bowls.” They’re more like ice cream bowls in my opinion. I ended up buying those too with the thought of my mom yelling at me for buying more bowls. I don’t know what it is about them, but I have a sort of subconscious attraction or obsession with bowls. I think they’re cute. We have entirely too many in our house because of me. Oops?

I’ve spent the last two and a half hours (I totally did Zumba inbetween episodes)  indulging myself in Felicity. Started watching season 4 finally! At the end of episode one, FELICITY AND NOEL FINALLY HAD SEX. I was like =O FUCKING FINALLY! I THOUGHT THAT WAS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. But of course, now she’s facing the repercussions because she was still with Ben when she decided it would be a good idea to have carnal knowledge of Noel’s willy. Anyway, SPOILER ALERT DON’T READ FURTHER IF YOU DON’T WANNA KNOW MORE, but after episode two, I read the descriptions for the remaining episodes and found out Elena dies in a car crash. WHAT THE FUCK. I mean, I ruined the whole series for myself by finding out what happens in the very last episode when I read descriptions back in season 1, but damn J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves, way to kill off err’body!

My Life is Boring.

Today’s been a mild little riot. I about 80% finished one of my apparel production dresses. It looks matronly, but I’m altering it slightly to look more youthful. I also have to the hem. It’s super long right now and wonky on one side, but it’s okay. 1 nearly down, 3 more to go!

Anyway, I’ve been online for maybe the past 3 hours and I’m so bored. I feel gross. I look gross. The internet is boring. People won’t answer me when I IM them. My life is pretty fucking boring for a Friday night, not gonna lie. I have nothing to do. I was thinking of watching Felicity cause my boring ass isn’t gonna do anything more exciting than that tonight, that’s for sure.

That’s pretty much it. But before I’m out, here’s one of my all-time favorite youtube videos. Ever. I fucking love this gay boy.

Keep Karma and Carry Om

Tonight I want to talk a little philosophically about karma and the energy you put out. Let me preface this by telling you all a story of what I experienced before lunch. This girl asked me to help this lady who often comes up to the library with a very bad attitude, with a computer problem she was having. First of all, it’s not my job to help with that since I don’t work in IT, but whatever – I try to help out if it’s something minor, and it was, it was just a printing problem.

She was huffing and puffing about having to print something 4 times cause the first three times the paper fucked up as well as the way the type came out and she forgot to put her name on her shit. I had her print again and it came out fine. She seemed worried that it’s eating her printing money and I said it’s only like 30 cents (60 for the 4 pages she printed) and she gets $50.00 every term. Unless you’re printing books on some other crazy shit, you’re really not gonna blow through all that fucking money by printing 4 goddamn pages. Well, as soon as I mentioned that it was ONLY 30 cents she got super offended and rearing her bad attitude monster, bitching at me that in my world 30 cents isn’t a lot. And I said no, in my world and everyone else’s worlds 30 cents is nothing when you have fifty fucking dollars a term to print shit. I told her I had $30 left and it’s almost end of term. She just kept going on and on about how I was audacious to say that 30 cents is nothing (in less articulate words, mind you).

I just walked away and signed out and then cried like a damn child in J1B’s cubicle for half an hour. I mean like a DAMN CHILD – I kept crying and stopping and crying and stopping. At one point I thought I might choke on my sandwich cause I was starting to cry again. I was already feeling stupidly emotional before she got all cunty with me. She was the icing on top of an emotional cake. And so, in terms of karma I want to say this: I try my best not to wish bad things on people because I don’t want bad things to happen to me (karmic cycle here, people) however, if you’re a fucking bitch all the time, and especially to people who are trying to help you out, then you deserve every single motherfucking bad thing that comes your way because you’re putting out that energy.

I wholeheartedly believe in karma, and so I believe she’ll get what she deserves. But it is not okay to subject other people to your negativity. Now, I am a hypocrite in this because I have done that before – HOWEVER, I acknowledge it and desperately try not to do that because it’s destructive to not only the people who get the fire, but to my own being. And I don’t want to live that way. 

That said, at the very end of my work day, HNI popped up out of the abyss again and I can’t even begin to tell you guys how happy that made me, especially after what happened today. And if you’re reading this right now here’s a huge thank you and the biggest virtual hug I can give you. You didn’t do anything except show up and I can’t even begin to explain how much that brightened my day. Here’s another lesson for today guys: Be someone others will swell with happiness to see. You never know how much you mean to a person!

Jacob Hoggard, You Sexual Beast

I’ve spent the last…oh, maybe half hour or so unconsciously trying to figure out why my hair smells different than usual. I JUST remembered that it’s not my hair at all. I put Lush’s Creme Anglaise on my face before I blow dried my hair tonight. I also just spent the past half hour playing people back on Draw Something. I officially have 20 games going on. Here’s the downside to that: either I have a shit ton of people to play back at one time, or I have no one to play back cause they’re all turds. They piled up today.

Speaking of today, it was pretty fantastical. Except for one of my classes was kinda tense. Our teacher tends to get offended when we complain about how we’re confused, even when she asks us to tell her what we think of the class in honest terms. But that aside, it was a good day. Alyza and I finally set up a Youtube account (via much “YOU NEED TO DO THIS ASAP” from HNI) and uploaded not one, but two videos tonight. Here’s the intro video, please enjoy and lol at your leisure. But we hope you lol often.

You can check out the other video at our channel right here. If you have any suggestions for future videos, let us know in the comments or email us at podiboty@gmail.com. We tried getting podbot on both gmail and youtube but some asshole already took the name. I was sad.

So uh, I mentioned HNI up there a wee bit and I just want to expand on that a little here. There’s not much to expand on really, but a.bot and I were watching some video on youtube and he popped out of the abyss and scared the shit out of me. I was not expecting to see him at all today cause I hadn’t seen him earlier and when he came up it was like half an hour before closing time. It was the cherry on top of a great day to see that face, especially when I told him PodBot is official.

Also, I just want all of you to know that I’m listening to my Hedley station on Pandora right now and they’re actually playing Hedley and it just reminds me of the Hedley concert Alyza and I went to in 2010. And I really wish Jacob Hoggard could sing me to sleep every night. I would tap that ass to the moon and back. He is so damn sexy. Raging lady boner for that man.

Ay, Boy! I Got A Damsel In Distress!

College chicks? They just want to hear their photography has potential.” And if you tell me that, I will sleep with you. JK, >_>
“If girl’s panties are snow, you’re March.”
“Does your brown skin retain heat?”
Among my favorite lines from tonight’s episode of New Girl. God I love that show. And god oh god do I love Schmidt. I wish I had my own personal Schmidt so he could just say obnoxious things to me all day long. I would be in laughing tears all the time. Not a day would go by that I would feel sad. <3 Schmidt.

Speaking of sexy men, did I ever mention I printed a picture of Sheldon Cooper and stuck him next to me at work? I get to stare at his gorgeously drunk and playing the piano face all day long. When HNI was up today, this girl pointed out Shelly and then said there’s someone who looks like him in our midst. I asked who even though I knew the answer. He said that’s why I like him so much to which I replied that he is my personal Sheldon. But that’s certainly not the only reason. And he came up twice today. Smileyface.


And since we’re still talking about guys here, the very attractive tall gamer guy with the hair that always checked out headphones from me told me he’s gotta drop his classes for this term cause he has to work like a nutter to help pay bills and something about his uncle being in the hospital. I was pretty bummed out for him. As well as me cause I don’t get to stare at his sexy face twice a week for the rest of term, as shallow sounding as that may be. J1B said he seemed pretty into talking to me. Reminded me of that super hot graphic design teacher that hasn’t been up to the library in nearly a year. J1B and I went on a mission to find gamerboy on Facebook after he left. I searched far and wide and couldn’t find him, but then she searched and found him. I was like what is this!? So I requested book of face friendship and he accepted. And the internet stalking began. Hahaha. I’m not joking. I feel like such a creep, but whatever, at least I admit it. Everyone does it anyway! We’re all in this together!

Lastly, somewhat related to all of the above, I read the proverb “God laughs at those who make plans” somewhere not too long ago, and thought I’d share that I think that is very relevant for me. It was probably some sort of sign to smack me awake and help me remember that I should stop trying to plan my love life. Because yeah yeah, I know – it always comes when you least expect it. But I feel like I’m always least expecting it in a way…in a way…

Finally, I just want you all to know that this is one of my favorite things on the internet and one day I want to scream at a guy that my “damsel” is in “distress” and point at my crotch. Sober.