Oscar Night!

I have quite a lot of pet peeves in regards to working in retail, but one of my top is  when people walk into the store like 15 minutes before we close. And then they see that you’re closing, and ask if you’re closing, and then they proceed to want to know the prices for half the jewelry counter. LISTEN BITCH, I want to go the fuck home and drink a glass of alcohol – because of people like you. I have a million things to do before I can actually close, and you’re hindering my ability to get them done in time for me to get home at an acceptable time. Furthermore, IT’S OSCAR NIGHT, AIN’T NOBODY WANNA STICK AROUND AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR ASS.

That said, it is Oscar night and I’m watching the red carpet right now. I’ve only caught this last half hour, so I didn’t get to see ALL the pretty dresses, but that’s okay, but I’ll find a compilation of pictures of everyone later on. I do really like Jessica Chastain‘s dress though. I’m a huge sucker for rich, complicated damask  designs and this one hits the right spot.

AND she's a ginger. <3

And now it’s time to sip my wine and watch Billy Crystal turn on the magic for the next 3 hours. Have a good night people!



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