Nonexistent Lovelife.

I was about to be like peace out homies and just say I’m gonna go watch an episode of Felicity and choke down a cup of gypsy cold remedy tea, but then I remembered that I was going to discuss the psychic prophecy from last summer.

My friend and I were talking how a bunch of people we went to high school with are pregnant or getting married and so on and she said WE’RE GONNA BE THE LAST ONE’S STANDING VIV! and I was like listen dude, last summer when that psychic told me my future, she said I would be married within 3 to 4 years, maybe sooner. Which I find absolutely crazy (and slightly wonderous, not gonna lie) given the fact that as I’ve mentioned before, I have a nonexistent lovelife. And by nonexistent, I mean it’s non-reciprocated. Or, well…it’s confusing really. Not sure if it’s reciprocated. Hard to read. But to put it simply – I am single. I have always been single.

And no, I am not personally psychic – and even if I was, I highly doubt I could tell my own future anyway – so I can’t be like OH YEAH I’M GONNA MEET SO AND SO IN THIS MANY MONTHS AND WE’RE GONNA GET HITCHED or anything like that. So on one hand, I totally understand the fact that I can’t tell my own future and therefore I do not know if my “skepticism” of this prophecy is warranted. (And by skepticism I mean to say that my nonexistent lovelife leads to me often believe I’ll be forever alone.) However, I want to believe in it, and so I still harbour a hope that I’ll be windswept by some “knight in shining armour” or something. You know? It’s a little hard to explain in words exactly how this whole thought process plays out in my mind.

But the moral of the story is that 3 to 4 years, or sooner, seems awfully damn soon again given my nonexistent lovelife. The funny thing is, this issue is what has plagued me for far too long (it shouldn’t even be an issue) and the psychic lady even said, quite firmly, to “not worry about love for it will come.” But when!? Or maybe it’s already here and I don’t know it? (Or it can’t be acted upon?) I will admit I am a bit scared of what may come. Which is ridiculous.



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