But I Don’t Wanna Live That Way, Reading Into Every Word You Say

Tumblr is so addicting sometimes. I’ll tell myself “okay, 5 more minutes” and then half an hour later, I’m still scrolling through my dash. It’s unhealthy.

So thank god there were some lemon bars left this morning because I decided the pictures I took last night were absolutely atrocious (I used flashlights. They didn’t even turn out artistically cute.) so I grabbed the opportunity of natural lighting after I woke up and got much better results.

I think I might have to try out the grapefruit version soon. Like tomorrow, maybe. I also thought about setting up that foodography blog today that HNI keeps telling me I should make. I didn’t, but I might eventually.

I’m also happy to say I feel better health-wise today. Although “deathcough” is still with me, if I cough deeply enough. I sound like a motor. Yet still, I feel much better and I’m still continuing to pray this will be the end of it. I really want to eat ice cream and drink cold drinks like a normal person this summer.

Lastly, I’ve only got 2 days left until it’s back to school and that makes me rather sad. I think we all deserved like a month off after that far too long and rather grueling term. I need more time to recooperate. Three core classes this term. I’m going to die.

Oh, P.S. This song has been stuck in my head all day. But it’s okay, because it’s enjoyable. My favorite part is when the girl (Kimbra) comes in. Really nice harmony.



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