Buyer’s Regret.

We had another gorgeous day here in the Metro Detroit area. High of 50, bright, sunshiney day and a very nice, mild night so far. The moon is shining extra brilliantly and I can clearly see Orion in the sky. It would be perfect it was raining so I could go to bed to the sound of rain against my window. But alas, I’m happy it was so beautiful out again because I decided it was another great opportunity to take more pictures. Of myself. 

That was followed by watching Felicity, and then just hanging around the house with my mom before we headed out shopping. I ended up buying 2 pairs of shoes from DSW:
– a Steve Madden loafer-esque wedge that I found earlier today while I was running an errand
– a very comfortable Jessica Simpson heel, pictured below. That sentence shouldn’t exist – comfortable, Jessica Simpson heel? This is the first time I’ve ever been able to say that. Also, IRL, the color of the pumps is a little lighter and looks fantastic against my skin. They’ll look even better when I’m tan.

But my DSW experience doesn’t end there. I tried on this pair of Audrey Brooke colorblock pumps with ankle straps, and upon trying to get them off found that the strap buckle was stuck. I panicked and yelled at my mom to come and help me. She did, after standing 50 feet away dumbstruck for far too long while I was starting to sweat because the strap was cutting into my circulation. In my attempts, I managed to get the little stick that goes in the holes to pierce me under my thumb nail about 1/4 of an inch in. It still hurts. 



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