One of the best things about waking up before noon is that, if it’s a pretty cloudless day, it’s pretty much the best time to take pictures of stuff. Like food and yourself and frosted grass. Which is exactly what I did today before being caged up at work. I made Tiramisu yesterday, which I believe I mentioned in last night’s post, and by the time it was ready to be eaten, it was too dark to take pictures. And I also wasn’t home. So this morning my mission was to take foodography pics.


I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take some narcissistic pictures of myself with the absolutely gorgeous weather we were having, so here is a whimsical compilation that I think captures my personality pretty well:

I’m actually rather proud of all of these pictures because I fixed the ISO and aperture on my camera, so the weird fuzzy crap that was happening in the bokeh of my pictures is pretty much eliminated, which is excellent! Now all my pictures look more crisp, and that’s something I always try to aim for. Especially since I have a low-end DSLR. But all in all, I think I got a good turn out today. *Thumbs up*

Besides taking photos, I was caged up at work. But that didn’t stop me from reading poetry between customers. Here’s 2 quotes that really stuck out to me from different poems:

The heart asks more than life can give,
When that is learned, then all is learned.
– Sara Teasdale

Don’t talk of yourself in the style of your own obituary-
For who cares what they say of you after you’re dead.
– Sasha Moorson

The first is just relevant to my nonexistent love-life. The second is one of my major philosophies on life. I have always been of the opinion that once you’re dead, nothing of this world matters anymore. So make shit count. There’s another quote, actually, a song lyric from my favorite band Billy Talent that goes:

So throw all your luxuries aside
You can’t take them with you when you die

I think it’s a good idea to live by.



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