It’s not even officially finals week yet and I’m already sick of this shit. This term has been way too damn long, guys. I have 1 sketch left to render for fashion design class and my eyeballs were literally bloodshot and teary from staring at computer screens all day cranking this shit out. Unfortunately, however, this last sketch – I think I might have to resketch it out IRL before I do it up in the ‘Shops cause it’s all kindsa wacky disproportionate.

On top of that, I still haven’t started sewing my jacket for pattern techniques. And I have to redo my pattern for my front interfacing because I’m a turd and did it based on the sloper and not my pattern so the lapel was totally missing. Good job self. PLUS! I have to come up with a plan to remedy racists for my cultural diversity class. In 2 pages. I have no legitimate ideas. I can’t wait for break week.

Also, I would like to mention that I love Shakira and I wish that:
1. I had her BODAY.
2. I had her blonde curly hair. I want to roll around in her hair.
3. I wish I was her best friend.

Also, once I decided to take a break from cranking out croquis, I watched episode 3 of Felicity and it was pretty good. I know it’s the beginning of the show and therefore the characters should be a little stupid and stuck in their ways about who they should be with and so on, BUT CLEARLY FELICITY NEEDS TO GET IT TOGETHER AND REALIZE THAT SHE NEEDS TO STOP LIKING BEN BECAUSE HE’S JUST STRINGING HER ALONG AS HE’S FUCKING THE PINK RANGER. SHE CLEARLY NEEDS TO BE WITH THE R.A. GUY WHO I WANT TO SAY IS CALLED LUKE, BUT I KNOW THAT’S COMPLETELY WRONG. And that name only makes me want to watch One Tree Hill – which I have in my Netflix queue because I love that show. Or loved, rather. After the switch to digital, I stopped watching cause I didn’t get the CW anymore but it’s okay cause the show went down the drain with Peyton and Lucas leaving.

Laptop, You Douchecanoe!

I have a major problem in the form of Photoshop right now. I’ve got my flash drive and tabby tabs plugged in, my fashion design sketches ready and up – HOWEVER, the cream color that I used on one of my skirts at school is BARELY noticeable on my laptop and that’s a problem. I want to work on this shit so I can get it done, but like…FUCK man. I don’t want to do this shit over again. I can feel my eyeballs crying “please no!” already.  I don’t know what to do here. I need to crank this shit out. *sigh*

Anyway, today HNI came up to visit the library which was quite nice. Minus the few minutes that A.Bot got up in there and said things about pants and I was like >_> keep a muzzle on it! She also said something about photoshopping me into a bird and him into a llama and then I could be riding the llama and I just froze in SUPER AWKWARDNESS and mortification with this face: O_O But other than that, at least he seemed extra smiley today. That’s a good sign, right!? *sigh* This blog isn’t titled The Paranoid Delusions of a Narcissist for no reason, guys. Let’s just hope it’s not in vain, YA KNOW?

I got nothing else tonight. I’m still frustrated about the Photoshop dilemma. Rah!

How Yo Waist Anorexic Then Yo Ass Is Colossal?

The 3 or 4 inches of snow we got this weekend have already melted due to today’s fantastically “warm” weather of 50 degrees. Although, it threatened to rain all day long and it is still incredibly windy out there. I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear news stories about down power lines and such tomorrow. (Not that I watch the news anymore since I got cable.)

Anyway, today at the library we got this fantastically huge book that I had asked to be ordered about Valentino. As I was flipping through it, I came across a picture that mentally stumped me for a few seconds because I thought that it was my friend Amanda. Here is a comparison I put together. Unfortunately, Amanda does not have any photos from that angle so I could show the true likeness, but nonetheless, they look like twins. Especially to me since I’ve seen Amanda in the flesh numerous times.

Must have been secretly separated at birth.

I also dropped by Meijer again to pick up meds for my mom and picked up these rather awesome press on nails. I’m not a big fake nail person whatsoever – I prefer to paint and grow my own natural nails. However, there are rare times when I get tantalized by like Hello Kitty nails and such. Today I found Broadway Nails at Meijer on clearance and decided why the hell not!? So far they’re working magnificently and have yet to move or threaten to fall off. I’m tempted to buy some more.

Additionally, I just watched this video by Kingsley (I love him) and while I see his point, I find it very American. In Europe, people get dressed up for picking up bread. I realize this isn’t Europe, but still. There’s nothing wrong with slapping some mascara on – but yeah, you don’t need to get ALL made up. Just, you know…don’t dress like a fucking slob and look like you just rolled out of bed. That’s not cute. 

ETA: I just remembered I was going to mention that my program chair nominated me for the Student Advisory Committee to represent the fashion design department and rub elbows with the higher ups. I accepted. HIGH FIVE SELF!

Cunty Customers.

Today went perfectly well up until the last half hour of work. I got a customer in who wanted to exchange an item, but then decided she was going to just return it. I messed up the refund, so I had to do it over – meanwhile, a few asshole customers came up to the counter, one of which demanded I show her items THIS MINUTE, to which I told her repeatedly that I’m with another customer, so she needs to wait. She copped a ‘tude and I was about to smack a fucking hoe.

Therefore, I think it is only appropriate to lay some laws for everyone so that you’re not that cunt.

Rules You Should Abide By As A Retail Customer: 

1. If you see me on the phone, talking intently with another customer, or otherwise really busy – do not, I repeat, DO NOT demand to see something RIGHT THEN AND THERE. I will be rude to you, because you are being rude and inconsiderate to me. And no, the customer is not always right – so you can suck a nut and wait your fucking turn.
2. No, I cannot give you 70% off something. Who do you think I am, Jesus?
3. You cannot find gold, silver and diamonds (of good quality, or in bigger, more substantial pieces and quantities) for $50 or less. This isn’t 1998. We live in a time of inflation and money troubles. Get the fuck over yourself.
4. No, I can’t do anything about the bathrooms not working. I work for a separate company. It’s not my responsibility.
6. No, I can’t check the price for you – so don’t give me attitude. I will smack you.
7. Don’t come in half an hour before closing. You’re just being a fucking douche canoe by making me wait on you. I have things to do – like closing procedures, for example.

That’s it. For now.

Annoying bitches and hoes aside, I went to Costco, Sam’s, and Meijer today with my mom before work. I got a red Calvin Klein trench coat at Costco; a huge, really warm and really comfy blanket from Sam’s for $15; Carmex hand lotion at Meijer – it smells AWESOME. And it works really well so far.