Ohhh my god, tonight’s episode of New Girl was HILARIOUS. I still can’t decide what was the best part: Schmidt saying “Yes, I use sculpting chutney!” Winston’s hell yeah mothafuckas dance, Schmidt’s naked scene, or the whole scene at the end with the damp towel (again) and Nick completely grossing everyone out by admitting to not only using and not washing Schmidt’s towel, but also wearing Schmidt’s and Winston’s underwear. I’m still giggling a little out loud. *Wipes tears from eyes.*

Glee was pretty good too since they did a Michael Jackson tribute. I thought a lot of the scenarios were kind of overdramatic though. Like Rachel FREAKING OUT about NYADA and Quinn telling her that in order to be happy she needs to break up with Finn. Like, first of all – WHO IS ANYONE TO TELL ANYONE WHAT IS GOING TO MAKE THAT PERSON HAPPY!? You are not them! You cannot and should not ever give anyone “advice” like that. That’s just rude and inconsiderate.  And then the whole Meerkat face kid Sebastian slushie-ing Blaine with rock salt? Like okay, I can see that happening in real life to someone – but Kurt refusing to have that tape turned in by Santana was kind of ridiculous. YOUR BOYFRIEND IS GETTING SURGERY BECAUSE SOME DOUCHEBAG TRIED TO MAKE YOU GO BLIND AND YOU’RE TRYING NOT TO GET THE POLICE INVOLVED? ARE YOU CRAZY? 

But on the bright side, they covered Michael Jackson’s I Can’t Stop Loving You which is a beautiful and brilliant song. And Smooth Criminal! But no one sings that song better than Alien Ant Farm.

So all I have left to do for finals (besides take an actual exam in cultural diversity, apparently) is finish my jacket for pattern techniques. I’ve got tomorrow to set in my sleeves and do the hems. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna rip my eyeballs out and cry. And then when it’s all over I’m going to veg the fuck out and watch like 37 episodes of Felicity over break. And maybe clean my room cause it looks like a disorderly swine lives in it right now. Too many little things everywhere. Christ.

I would also like to mention that we had a high of like 54 or 57 degrees here in the Metro Detroit area and it was BEYOND GLORIOUS. It made all the snow melt away from this weekend and I was like OH GOD YES, SPRING, COME SOONER! But our crazy warm winter is just more proof that global warming is a-happenin’. Like no one can tell me that that shit ain’t real. Not only do I have my window open on January 31st, but I can see the grass outside through it and it is still kind of green! SO SHUN THE NON-BELIEVERS. 


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