Shine of the Times.

One of the best things about working in the same place as my mom is that on slow days, like today, we shop while working. While I’m stuck in my “cage” and can’t wander around the store, she can – and she finds me clothes and other stuff and brings them to me. And then she buys them for me (with my money). It’s really a wonderful system. I bought 5 tops today. 4 cardigans and a knit blazer. And all for really awesome clearance prices plus 25% off employee discount! I have a rather great life, I won’t lie.

Nothing else exciting happened today. I woke up at at about 11:30 and immediately set on recording the dreams I had last night because I feel they were significant and prophetic, despite being extremely strange. And then I watched 2 episodes of Felicity before work. I came home and gorged myself on a DELECTABLE sandwich as my second meal of the day and then watched Once Upon A Time with my mom. I noticed (and so did, as she wrote on my Facebook wall) that Snow White/Mary Margaret had an Anthropologie mug just like the ones Mini Boss bought us for Christmas.

Also, I finally got a chance to paint my nails with the new Essie Luxe Effects top coat I bought. I was really excited cause I thought I wouldn’t bang my nails against anything and mess them up, but I did so like 2 fingers are a wee messed up. But anyway, I’m in love with this top coat, which is called Shine of the Times. It makes me feel mermaidy. And that’s one of my favorite feelings. (In the summer, when I go swimming, I always pretend I’m a mermaid.)

Not my nails.

That’s all, folks.


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