Laptop, You Douchecanoe!

I have a major problem in the form of Photoshop right now. I’ve got my flash drive and tabby tabs plugged in, my fashion design sketches ready and up – HOWEVER, the cream color that I used on one of my skirts at school is BARELY noticeable on my laptop and that’s a problem. I want to work on this shit so I can get it done, but like…FUCK man. I don’t want to do this shit over again. I can feel my eyeballs crying “please no!” already.  I don’t know what to do here. I need to crank this shit out. *sigh*

Anyway, today HNI came up to visit the library which was quite nice. Minus the few minutes that A.Bot got up in there and said things about pants and I was like >_> keep a muzzle on it! She also said something about photoshopping me into a bird and him into a llama and then I could be riding the llama and I just froze in SUPER AWKWARDNESS and mortification with this face: O_O But other than that, at least he seemed extra smiley today. That’s a good sign, right!? *sigh* This blog isn’t titled The Paranoid Delusions of a Narcissist for no reason, guys. Let’s just hope it’s not in vain, YA KNOW?

I got nothing else tonight. I’m still frustrated about the Photoshop dilemma. Rah!



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