How Yo Waist Anorexic Then Yo Ass Is Colossal?

The 3 or 4 inches of snow we got this weekend have already melted due to today’s fantastically “warm” weather of 50 degrees. Although, it threatened to rain all day long and it is still incredibly windy out there. I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear news stories about down power lines and such tomorrow. (Not that I watch the news anymore since I got cable.)

Anyway, today at the library we got this fantastically huge book that I had asked to be ordered about Valentino. As I was flipping through it, I came across a picture that mentally stumped me for a few seconds because I thought that it was my friend Amanda. Here is a comparison I put together. Unfortunately, Amanda does not have any photos from that angle so I could show the true likeness, but nonetheless, they look like twins. Especially to me since I’ve seen Amanda in the flesh numerous times.

Must have been secretly separated at birth.

I also dropped by Meijer again to pick up meds for my mom and picked up these rather awesome press on nails. I’m not a big fake nail person whatsoever – I prefer to paint and grow my own natural nails. However, there are rare times when I get tantalized by like Hello Kitty nails and such. Today I found Broadway Nails at Meijer on clearance and decided why the hell not!? So far they’re working magnificently and have yet to move or threaten to fall off. I’m tempted to buy some more.

Additionally, I just watched this video by Kingsley (I love him) and while I see his point, I find it very American. In Europe, people get dressed up for picking up bread. I realize this isn’t Europe, but still. There’s nothing wrong with slapping some mascara on – but yeah, you don’t need to get ALL made up. Just, you know…don’t dress like a fucking slob and look like you just rolled out of bed. That’s not cute. 

ETA: I just remembered I was going to mention that my program chair nominated me for the Student Advisory Committee to represent the fashion design department and rub elbows with the higher ups. I accepted. HIGH FIVE SELF!



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