Gimme All Yo Money, and Gimme All Yo Residuals

I had big homework plans for today. I will preface this was the fact that I woke up at 10 and headed out to the post office to return the ASOS skirt I bought, and then went to Target and bought a pair of jeans. I came home and exercised, but not before I was called in to work tonight cause one of my co-workers was sick. I had planned on working on my fashion design sketching stuff as well as pattern techniques, but it’s too late for homework now. Tomorrow’s free though, so I’ma do it up.

Anyway, while at work today, I was super bored so I decided to redownload Amazon Kindle on my phone and proceeded to download the book of Confusius and got through 5 of the ‘books’ in it. Kindle tells me I’ve read 20% of the book. I found a lot of good sayings, and while reading it I thought how incredibly ironic it is that I’m reading the holy book of a religion I don’t practice, but I won’t read the religious book of the religion I was born into.

Regardless, among my favorites of the sayings include “I do not speak of what is ended, chide what is settled, or find fault with what is past.” Reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from Rent: “Forget regret, or life is yours to miss” It’s one of my core philosophies on life that I think A LOT of people refute. People allow themselves to be swallowed up by regret and ‘what ifs’ and then bitch about the things they should’ve done.

Forget the things you didn’t do. You’re on a journey – you can’t stall your path staring back into the abyss of what happened, wishing you’d done it differently. What’s done is done. Tomorrow is another day. Grab it by the testicles and move the fuck forward.

And that’s your lesson for today.



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