Today was much better in comparison to Sunday. Although I got my blood drawn, which is generally a traumatic experience for me, it wasn’t that bad because my mom’s friend/co-worker did it and she has like the touch of baby Jesus or something. I swear, whenever that woman takes my blood, I never even feel the needle go into me – which is not something I can say for any other phlebotomist. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to fill all the vials she needed (there were probably like 10 for all the various tests I want done) because my veins rolled or something. Both arms.

After that, I watched 1984 on Netflix, based on George Orwell’s novel. It was a rather depressing movie which is why I needed to watch something else tonight – episode 9 of Once Upon A Time that I missed last night due to the Golden Globes. (Speaking of which, I really miss the old design of the Globes with the winged statue chick beholding the globe.) Anyway, I am super intrigued about who the bloody hell that guy on the motorcycle is and how he came to be in Storybrooke. Because she Henry said, strangers don’t come to Storybrooke. And the plot continues!

I also exercised and dyed my hair today! I was planning on dying it during break week so I’d be freshly ginger for Valentine’s Day – but let’s not kid ourselves – Valentine’s Day is going to be completely ordinary and S.O.-free for me as it has been every year of my life. So I thought why not get rid of my one and a half inch roots and spruce up my color back to vibrant red? The checkout lady at Target liked it enough to comment.

I thought about taking pictures of myself to showcase the “back to redheadness,” but I think natural light would do it better justice. Besides, it’s been dark since 5, and I’m not really feelin’ it to take pictures, so I’m sitting here listening to N*Sync and finishing my tea, mildly worrying about grades and the homework that wasn’t so urgent but I probably should’ve gotten a head-start on. Life.

^ Anthem of my PRE-TWEEN years.




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