Meet My Twin, Veronica.

It’s funny how quickly money can slip through your fingers. I just dropped about $1 short of $100 today on shoes, a purse, holistic medicine, and some intense body lotion. I’m never gonna go on that cruise if I keep buying shit. BUT IT’S ESSENTIAL. I haven’t been that bad lately though, so it’s okay. Besides, HOW CAN I GIVE UP A $44 LUCKY PURSE WITH THE CAPACITY TO HOLD 2 TWIN NEWBORNS STACKED ON TOP OF EACH OTHER!? OR $70 SHOES MARKED DOWN TO $15!?

But shopping is the latter half of my day, followed by Haberman’s homework for Mini Boss’s class. The former part of my day was quite fantastical and rather eventful. I would say the fun began with the arrival of HNI and the hour or so we spent Photoshopping my face. Or he did, cause all I did was complain about his methods of zooming in and out (haha). I compiled a before and after – although the compilation shows the raw image. We worked with the pre-brightened and saturated image I had already adjusted a few months ago.

This is my twin, Veronica.

Also, this video was posted twice in the past 2 days, the second time on the comments to the above pictures. It’s rather brilliant:

He came back up later in the day and helped Job 1 Boss and me out with a sign we were making and gave us the idea to make QR codes. So we totally made a QR code and posted 2 signs on the doors. It was pretty exciting, but I don’t think anyone was as excited as J1Boss.



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