Ohhh my god, tonight’s episode of New Girl was HILARIOUS. I still can’t decide what was the best part: Schmidt saying “Yes, I use sculpting chutney!” Winston’s hell yeah mothafuckas dance, Schmidt’s naked scene, or the whole scene at the end with the damp towel (again) and Nick completely grossing everyone out by admitting to not only using and not washing Schmidt’s towel, but also wearing Schmidt’s and Winston’s underwear. I’m still giggling a little out loud. *Wipes tears from eyes.*

Glee was pretty good too since they did a Michael Jackson tribute. I thought a lot of the scenarios were kind of overdramatic though. Like Rachel FREAKING OUT about NYADA and Quinn telling her that in order to be happy she needs to break up with Finn. Like, first of all – WHO IS ANYONE TO TELL ANYONE WHAT IS GOING TO MAKE THAT PERSON HAPPY!? You are not them! You cannot and should not ever give anyone “advice” like that. That’s just rude and inconsiderate.  And then the whole Meerkat face kid Sebastian slushie-ing Blaine with rock salt? Like okay, I can see that happening in real life to someone – but Kurt refusing to have that tape turned in by Santana was kind of ridiculous. YOUR BOYFRIEND IS GETTING SURGERY BECAUSE SOME DOUCHEBAG TRIED TO MAKE YOU GO BLIND AND YOU’RE TRYING NOT TO GET THE POLICE INVOLVED? ARE YOU CRAZY? 

But on the bright side, they covered Michael Jackson’s I Can’t Stop Loving You which is a beautiful and brilliant song. And Smooth Criminal! But no one sings that song better than Alien Ant Farm.

So all I have left to do for finals (besides take an actual exam in cultural diversity, apparently) is finish my jacket for pattern techniques. I’ve got tomorrow to set in my sleeves and do the hems. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna rip my eyeballs out and cry. And then when it’s all over I’m going to veg the fuck out and watch like 37 episodes of Felicity over break. And maybe clean my room cause it looks like a disorderly swine lives in it right now. Too many little things everywhere. Christ.

I would also like to mention that we had a high of like 54 or 57 degrees here in the Metro Detroit area and it was BEYOND GLORIOUS. It made all the snow melt away from this weekend and I was like OH GOD YES, SPRING, COME SOONER! But our crazy warm winter is just more proof that global warming is a-happenin’. Like no one can tell me that that shit ain’t real. Not only do I have my window open on January 31st, but I can see the grass outside through it and it is still kind of green! SO SHUN THE NON-BELIEVERS. 

Captain Morgan Freeman Rum.

I almost kind of regret not working on my pattern techniques jacket since Friday, but there’s not much I can do by myself without totally winging it and probably having to take it apart to redo tomorrow. So I will push it out of my mind until morning, in class. I’m pretty sure I’m going to cry from stress over it in the next 2 days.

Mini Boss and I decided that I’m going to do an early presentation tomorrow in class since I’ve finished my board. I think this means I don’t have to dress up extra nice on Thursday, which is kind of a relief in a way. But it means I have to dress up tomorrow. I should check the weather. OH! Apparently it’s supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow! Excellent! I could probably even wear my trench coat. And the snow is going to all melt. Oh I’m loving this ridiculous winter we’re having.

Anyway, I’m going to leave you all tonight with this fantastic picture of Captain Morgan….Freeman rum I found on Tumblr. <3


Shine of the Times.

One of the best things about working in the same place as my mom is that on slow days, like today, we shop while working. While I’m stuck in my “cage” and can’t wander around the store, she can – and she finds me clothes and other stuff and brings them to me. And then she buys them for me (with my money). It’s really a wonderful system. I bought 5 tops today. 4 cardigans and a knit blazer. And all for really awesome clearance prices plus 25% off employee discount! I have a rather great life, I won’t lie.

Nothing else exciting happened today. I woke up at at about 11:30 and immediately set on recording the dreams I had last night because I feel they were significant and prophetic, despite being extremely strange. And then I watched 2 episodes of Felicity before work. I came home and gorged myself on a DELECTABLE sandwich as my second meal of the day and then watched Once Upon A Time with my mom. I noticed (and so did, as she wrote on my Facebook wall) that Snow White/Mary Margaret had an Anthropologie mug just like the ones Mini Boss bought us for Christmas.

Also, I finally got a chance to paint my nails with the new Essie Luxe Effects top coat I bought. I was really excited cause I thought I wouldn’t bang my nails against anything and mess them up, but I did so like 2 fingers are a wee messed up. But anyway, I’m in love with this top coat, which is called Shine of the Times. It makes me feel mermaidy. And that’s one of my favorite feelings. (In the summer, when I go swimming, I always pretend I’m a mermaid.)

Not my nails.

That’s all, folks.

Oh, Felicity.

Yesterday and today have been (surprisingly) productive days. I’m actually really proud of myself and somewhat wonder why it’s so hard for me to focus on school work so intently when it’s not finals or midterms. But of course, the answer is “it’s not finals or midterms.”

Anyway, I finished my design board for fashion design class and it looks fabulous! I also finished my paper for cultural diversity class with the helpful input of my best friend who threw a different perspective on it. (And that is why it’s good to ask for help.) So to reward myself, I watched 4 episodes of Felicity today. The first 3 were after the design board because I needed a break to recooperate and organize my thoughts in preparation for the paper. The 4th was afterwards – followed by the first episode of Blue Mountain State because I only had half an hour before An Idiot Abroad: The Bucket List.

But back to Felicity – last night I watched an episode as well and it was super ironic because it was the Halloween episode where Felicity goes as the bride of Frankenstein. Anyway, there’s this scene where Felicity’s drunk off her rocker and she catches Ben mackin’ all over this blonde bitch who is QUITE IRONICALLY dressed as the fucking PINK POWER RANGER. I was loling off the couch at that point.  Also, in the last episode I watched, we finally met Noel’s girlfriend, Hanna. Who happens to be played by JENNIFER GARNER. I was like =O oh amusement. But it gets better. Ben caught Felicity and Noel mackin’ all over each other in this episode and he was like O_O and walked out, unnoticed. This show is so good. I can’t believe I used to hate it. I’m a jerk hahaha.

This is the Thanksgiving episode where Ben catches Felicity and Noel kissing.

As I mentioned earlier, I also watched the first episode of Blue Mountain State. In comparison to Felicity, this how is definitely a 2000s show. And by that I mean, I could feel my brain cells popping watching it. However, it was quite hilarious and I did laugh out loud often enough that I’ll probably continue watching it. The best part was at the end of the episode when they had the cookie race hazing consisting of running across the football field in only a jockstrap and an oreo between their buttcheeks, and Thad, the douchebag quarterback participated because the couches were in the stands and one of them asks “Why is Thad doing this?” and the other one goes “Dedication.” I died.

Fucking Finals, Man.

Holy cow utters people! I spent the majority of today up at school working on my suit jacket final for pattern techniques, wanting to shoot myself in the face most of time. LEMME TELL YA’LL SOMETHING – MAKING JACKETS IS A PAIN IN THE FUCKING ANUS, SO DON’T EVER COMPLAIN ABOUT THEM COSTING A LOT CAUSE IF THEY’RE MADE WELL, THEN THEY’RE WORTH EVERY DAMN PENNY YOU SPEND ON THEM.

Then I came home and prayed my mom cooked something I would be able to eat and SHE DID! And I had a ball eating spanakopita, fish fillet, and baked potatoes. So good. And then I finally showered after not showering for a few days (DON’T JUDGE. NATURAL BODY OILS ARE GOOD FOR YOU.) So now my hair is all fluffy and clean again and it feels fantastic to be “fresh”.

But it doesn’t end there. I spent the last 2 or 3 hours putting together 80% of my final board for fashion design class. I just need to slap my fabrics on there and then I’ll be DONE WITH THAT SHIT! However, I still have that damn paper to do for cultural diversity class. It’s really hard to come up with a legitimate idea for it, guys. I think I might ask some people for their opinions and see if it’ll stimulate my brain to come up with 2 pages of stuffs for that class.

Fashion Design 1 croquis. Yes, I put a giant watermark on that shit - suck it, bitch. MY stuffs.

God, oh God, I can’t wait until break week. It will be so deserved. 

Oh, I almost forgot. I watched episode 4 of Felicity last night. First of all, I feel lie that show is KIND OF resonating on my life and the problems in my (non)existent love life. Secondly, there was this part where Felicity and Noel (the guy I thought was named Lucas, and knew that was wrong) were on a sort-of date after Noel kissed her a few days earlier, and Noel tells Felicity that he has a LDR girlfriend in Chicago and she gets all pissed and starts screamin’ up a storm in the restaurant – yeah that part – I was really embarassed for Felicity. Sit the fuck down bitch! She was screaming to the whole restaurant that he was “disgusting” for “cheating” on his girlfriend like that. I mean – YES, that is not a desirable trait you would want in a boyfriend, but I mean…there’s no need to get SO crazy-screamy in public like that. All he did was kiss you, hoe! It’s not like he slipped his penis all up in your vagina or anything. Calm yo titties.