Day After Christmas Shopping!

Do you ever get really excited by shopping and finding awesome stuff at really low prices? Because lemme tell you guys, that’s one of the highlights of my life. My mom and I stopped by Somerset Collection today so I could return Grove and get Tocca: Florence from Anthropologie and exchanged Dirty at Lush, and after shopping around, we stopped by Old Navy where I bought 3 shirts for $11.06. Uh, can I get a high five?

I almost bought this great skirt I found at Madewell. It was on sale for $59.99 with an extra 30% off, so it would’ve been about $44. It was this nudey pink-peach color and it was knife pleated and it made me look like a towering statue. I’m sort of regretting not getting it and I might go back for it. On their site, it’s $109… Actually, here it is: Worth it?

Also, I bought 2 more small candles from Bath & Body Works because they were on sale for $4.75 (the big ones are $9.75). I decided not to burn either one of them tonight, but I got Marshmallow Peppermint and Homemade Cookies. They both smell divine in their current solid state.

To top the day off, I also ate chinese food! An excellent day after Christmas, if I say so myself.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Today has been a very lazy day for me. My friends woke me up far too early, at 10 AM, with text messages, and I’ve spent the entire day watching movies. It started out with Hellboy, then Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, then Disney’s A Christmas Carol – through which I decided to take a shower – and then The Mirror Has Two Faces, followed by Soul Surfer, and now I’m watching The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Oh, I also ate chicken salad, honey mustard and onion pretzels, and chocolate and drank Pink Moscato, but otherwise, it’s been pretty uneventful around here.

Here’s a picture of my Christmas tea from today:

Christmas Eve.

So it was kind of dead at Job 2 this whole week, but today we had a buttload of customers who bought lots of jewelry and increased my commission by probably $30 at least. My first customer of the day bought $7 short of $500 worth of jewelry. She had shopping ADD though. I spent nearly an hour with her as she tried on the majority of our sterling silver and stainless steal bracelets and rings. But on the bright side, I found out the owners of the company are giving us all bonuses. My paycheck is going to be so fat that I won’t know what to do with myself. Seriously guys. This will probably be the biggest check of my life, to date. I’m so excited! 

That means I get to stop by Anthropologie and buy this baby:

It smells so good. After work I dropped by Target to visit my friend and to pick up some Hershey’s Kisses. I ended up not getting any Kisses because they were expensive and I don’t need like a 3 pound bag of them. So I bought some Salt and Vinegar Chips and Snyder’s Mustard and Onion pretzels. I also got a Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks. My friend and I both agree that it was quite delicious.

On another note, this is the first year I can remember that I’m not that excited about Christmas. Usually I’m so excited I can barely contain it and I have problems falling asleep because present opening happens in the morning, but this year it’s like it’s not even Christmas tomorrow. There’s presents under the tree (which is unusual for my family because they usually appear overnight) and I know 2/4 of mine. My dad gave me $120 yesterday for Christmas. My brother didn’t get me anything, and my aunt gave me this amazing smelling soap and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Although I really shouldn’t complain because I got a lot of stuff from friends this year. I got my Secret Santa package yesterday as well.

But anyway, hope you guys have a good Christmas Eve and see you tomorrow!

Makin’ the Moolaaa.

So today I woke myself up slowly, though with the growing anticipation of going to this great craft/bead store in Berkeley called Munro’s Crafts. It was super easy to get there, although I turned right on the street right before the one I was supposed to turn right on because I half thought I’d arrived at the place. It was literally one street up. Anyway, I bought an orange turquoise that I turned into a pendant, 2 strands of pearls – one this rich chocolate color, the other a mixture of that color with black, original, green, and some other colors. They all look beautiful. I plan on making an ombre necklace out of that strand.

I also bought a strand of these tear-drop shaped stones that I believe are chunks of amythest, citrine, and rose quartz. I turned them into a necklace that I’m absolutely in love with. I took a picture with my phone and a few with my camera, but I’m saving the camera pictures because I want to take some where it’s not on me, and it looks more awesome. Here’s the phone picture:

I also bought myself a premium membership on Deviantart (and signed up to be a beta tester!) earlier because they’re having their once annual buy 1, get 1 free so I’m getting 2 years worth instead of 1 for the same price. Only $1.25 a month! Speaking of spending money, I special ordered 2 rings at work and I’m super excited for them to come in. One of them is this huge bulky one with a really big CZ and a buttload of tiny ones around it, and the other is a crown.

I figure I’m making so much money this week alone from working so much (plus commission) that it’s okay to splurge on myself a bit. But then again, that’s what I always think. My mentality is that money will always come.