Rumor Has It…You Should Have A Happy New Year!

I’ve kind of lost track of time these past 2 weeks. It seems like working until midnight last week was literally ages ago, whereas it completely doesn’t feel like it’s Saturday today. My mom headed out to work and I was confused about which job she was going to. And yet, I still have 2/3 of my homework to do by Tuesday. I’m quite a procrastinator.

But anyway, tonight = an estrogen infested New Year’s Eve Party with Nutella doughnuts and NYE ready nails. And by that I simply mean I redid my nails because the previous color was mega chipping.

My laptop's camera is a piece of shit, I know.

I’m currently watching Rumor Has It, which is kind of a hilarious movie. It’s about the movie The Graduate, and Jennifer Aniston plays a lady who tries to discover her family’s history regarding that movie. Her and Keven Costner have great chemistry.

Anyway, hope you guys have a Happy New Year!


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