Makin’ the Moolaaa.

So today I woke myself up slowly, though with the growing anticipation of going to this great craft/bead store in Berkeley called Munro’s Crafts. It was super easy to get there, although I turned right on the street right before the one I was supposed to turn right on because I half thought I’d arrived at the place. It was literally one street up. Anyway, I bought an orange turquoise that I turned into a pendant, 2 strands of pearls – one this rich chocolate color, the other a mixture of that color with black, original, green, and some other colors. They all look beautiful. I plan on making an ombre necklace out of that strand.

I also bought a strand of these tear-drop shaped stones that I believe are chunks of amythest, citrine, and rose quartz. I turned them into a necklace that I’m absolutely in love with. I took a picture with my phone and a few with my camera, but I’m saving the camera pictures because I want to take some where it’s not on me, and it looks more awesome. Here’s the phone picture:

I also bought myself a premium membership on Deviantart (and signed up to be a beta tester!) earlier because they’re having their once annual buy 1, get 1 free so I’m getting 2 years worth instead of 1 for the same price. Only $1.25 a month! Speaking of spending money, I special ordered 2 rings at work and I’m super excited for them to come in. One of them is this huge bulky one with a really big CZ and a buttload of tiny ones around it, and the other is a crown.

I figure I’m making so much money this week alone from working so much (plus commission) that it’s okay to splurge on myself a bit. But then again, that’s what I always think. My mentality is that money will always come. 




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