A Friend-Infested Christmas <3

Today has been an absolutely glorious day. Minus the part in pattern techniques class when we all wasted a full class trying to grade our jacket slopers into coat slopers and they weren’t working right. But otherwise, there were presents and guest speakers and A LOT of food! It was fantastic.

Job 1 Mini Boss got us all these great mugs with our initials on them from Anthropologie. I was actually going to buy the same mug for myself, and I’m glad I didn’t. She also gave us all homemade Italian cookies. They were DELISH.

I got a Hello Kitty flash drive, Hello Kitty stickers, a Justin Bieber bracelet and Candy Cane Hershey’s Kisses from Alyza; Beth gave me a turtle necklace from Cancun, Mango Butter! and a Glee notepad. I also got a $25 giftcard to Outback Steakhouse and shea butter infused no-slip socks from Top Boss yesterday. It was quite nice. I’m really enjoying the socks right now. My feet feel like they’re rubbing on baby bums. That’s right. Baby bums.

Speaking of presents, I think I mentioned that I made HNI a snowglobe llama for Christmas, right? Well I put it on his llama-infested desk this morning and he seemed genuinely happy about his caped snowglobe llama when he came to visit the library today. Which makes me totally happy because it’s what I’ve been most excited about. Check out the picture I took of it:

I’m also pretty excited cause tomorrow is my one day off before the mega-Christmas-workweek I have coming up. I get to sleep in and do WHATEVER THE FUCK I PLEASE. which may or may not mean I will take a plethora of narcissistic pictures of myself, weather permitting. Hell. Yes.


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