Rumor Has It…You Should Have A Happy New Year!

I’ve kind of lost track of time these past 2 weeks. It seems like working until midnight last week was literally ages ago, whereas it completely doesn’t feel like it’s Saturday today. My mom headed out to work and I was confused about which job she was going to. And yet, I still have 2/3 of my homework to do by Tuesday. I’m quite a procrastinator.

But anyway, tonight = an estrogen infested New Year’s Eve Party with Nutella doughnuts and NYE ready nails. And by that I simply mean I redid my nails because the previous color was mega chipping.

My laptop's camera is a piece of shit, I know.

I’m currently watching Rumor Has It, which is kind of a hilarious movie. It’s about the movie The Graduate, and Jennifer Aniston plays a lady who tries to discover her family’s history regarding that movie. Her and Keven Costner have great chemistry.

Anyway, hope you guys have a Happy New Year!

Ann Arbor Adventures.

While today has a been very gloomy and extremely rainy in terms of weather, I had a lot of fun accompanying my friend to the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor. We dropped by her apartment and then picked up her check, and afterwards went out to eat at Olive Garden (I got fettucine alfredo, it was delish.)

After Olive Garden, we dropped by – get this – WORLD MARKET!! I was super excited to see there were any left, since the World Market nearest to where I live was closed down a few years ago. I bought 2 marzipan logs, dark chocolate off-brand Nutella, Salsitas for my mom because she loves them and rarely finds them, orange-honey soap which is not making my long-sleeve shirts box smell amazing, and a necklace that was on clearance with pretty light green beads and a portrait of an Indian god hanging from it. I wish I could remember which god it is.

We also stopped by Briarwood Mall, which I’ve never been to before. It was pretty cool. We didn’t stop in any stores – I had to pee and then we got Cinnabon – but they have a Pinkberry¬†in the center of the mall and I was going to get some, but we had to book it to beat rush hour. It’s the only Pinkberry in Michigan!

Nonetheless, I had a blast taking pictures of Ann Arbor and catching up.

Sexy Pieces of Man.

So today I watched like…4? episodes of The Tudors. I’m finally into season 4, next episode is #4 and I’m slightly tempted to go watch it after I get offline, although I stopped watching at 8:30 for the sole reason of attempting to regulate my sleeping pattern. I want to be able to read and get to sleep before midnight.

Anyway, I think everyone needs to know that Torrance Coombs is a HOT PIECE OF CANADIAN ASS. He played Thomas Culpepper in season 4, who was Katherine Howard‘s love affair boytoy. They got each other executed because their loins couldn’t control themselves around each other. At least that’s what the show tells us. History seems to be unsure of where they banged or not, but they were rather lovey dovey toward each other. Either way, Torrance Coombs is the hottest Culpepper to have ever graced the screen.

Furthermore, David O’Hara played the Henry Howard, who was also known as the Earl of Surrey. And who played Albert Runcorn in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. I thought he was mildly attractive in that movie, but The Tudors has turned me on to his sexy older gentlemen appeal even more. He is quite the sexy piece of Scottish ass, if I do say so myself.

P.S. Know what would be hilarious? If one of these days some of the people I profess my attraction to read this blog. I hope they comment! *coughjonathonrhysmeyerscough*

Deals So Good, It’s Like Stealing.

I’ve just spent the last hour or so downloading and testing out Photoshop actions because I’ve finally found out how to extract¬†RAR files. Now I just gotta figure out ATN files, hahaha. Anyway, whilst testing said actions out, I ended up liking how this picture of some soap suds came out. Check it:

Photography aside, today I was on a mission: I went back to Somerset Collection for that Madewell floor-length pleated dress I posted about on Monday. Luckily, they still had my size so I just grabbed it and went to the counter and asked about their student discount. I got it, and the total ended up being $25!!! When I got home, I checked my receipt and the tag on the skirt and saw that it had been further marked down to $39.99 from $59.99, plus 30% off plus 15% off student discount – UH CAN YOU SAY SAVINGS!?!!? I am still super super pumped.

I also dropped by Banana Republic, Lucky Brand Store, and GAP. Funnily, I ended up buying sweaters and tops that are in the same color palette as the skirt, so I accidentally built a small wardrobe around it. I got a sweater, cardigan and fancy t-shirt at GAP for $27. At Banana Republic, I got a silk tank top and a crocheted tank top for $16, and at Lucky I got 2 necklaces for $20. I feel like a total fashionista who got a lot of great stuff for really awesome prices today. *High 5 self*

And now, it’s time to eat cheesecake!