The Lures of Target.

It’s late Saturday night and I’m laying here on my bed trying to not think that after tomorrow, school starts up again. Although clearly I am thinking about it since I’m still typing about it. But it’s okay because I bought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on DVD tonight at Target.

There is this particular Target in my area that I really like going to because it’s huge and I almost feel like it’s a flagship store because it has a lot of items that the other 2 Targets that I frequent don’t have. I went in to get Harry Potter, and of course, because Target is like the most awesome store to wander around in, I wandered around looking at cosmetics, baking goods, and Christmas plates. I found this particular plate [the bottom one] of interest, although I didn’t buy it because I really want a plain white one. For photography purposes. It was also $6.00. Which isn’t a very bad price, compared to the $10+ for the same thing in different collections in the store.

I also stopped at Meijer to pick up some lemon cake mix because I want to make these cookies tomorrow. I got strawberry cake mix as well because it enticed me. Furthermore, I found Neuro and I was really excited so I bought Bliss and Trim. And I got a bag of whole grain pasta because it was only $1.50 and it makes me really happy.

Also, before I went to work today, I had dunchen [not quite lunch, not quite dinner] with my friends Alyza and Neil and it was quite nice. We went to Applebee’s [my first time] and I got a Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich and it quite delicious. The only thing I didn’t like was the size of the chicken. It was massive. I really don’t require a steak-thick piece of chicken in my sandwich. Also, I did not know that so many black people like Applebee’s.

Lastly, today is my brother’s birthday. This is a picture of a slice of his birthday cake, enjoy!



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