Mmm, Good Food.

Okay guys. I need to stop spending my money. Today I dropped by DSW and Victoria’s Secret cause I had a $5 off any purchase coupon to DSW and 2 free panties coupons to Victoria’s Secret. I got this fantastic pair of dressy flats for $30 clearance at DSW and then when I when I arrived at Victoria’s Secret, they were having a 7 for $26 [getting progressively more expensive…] panty raid and as I believe I’ve mentioned before, I am an underwear fiend.

I have so much underwear, it’s ridiculous. My huge Ikea box is officially full. I could probably fit like 5 more pairs in there if I tried really hard, but it. is. to. the. brim. So I got 9 pairs for $26 today. That’s rather excellent, actually. But seriously, I have so much that I often forget I own certain pairs and when they resurface I’m like “Oh hey! I forgot you existed! I missed you!” I need to recount to see how many I have exactly, but last time I counted I had enough to give 7 day’s worth to 28 women? I think. Something like that.

Anyway, I also helped my mom cook today. She made parmesan chicken and I made parmesan potatoes and holy moley did it turn out a-mazing. Even my brother ate it. Twice. 

Yeah, my plate is on the floor. It's the only place I could get bright enough natural light. DON'T JUDGE ME.

Sadly, we did not have greeneries to add to this dish. At least not sufficient greeneries. It makes me sad on the inside. But it’s okay, potatoes are still vegetables. Hefty in the carbs, but still. If you click on parmesan potatoes in the above paragraph, you can find out how to make them so you can enjoy their deliciousness as well.



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