A Happy Pepper.

Today is one of those days where I don’t like the way I look. I feel fat and gross and completely unattractive. It’s really a terrible way for anyone to feel about themselves, and thankfully, I know that it will pass as soon as it comes. But I can only imagine how low some people’s self-esteems must be if they think they are unattractive on a daily basis. That might sound incredibly egotistical, but this blog isn’t called The Paranoid Delusions of a Narcissist for no reason.

Anyway, today I dropped by school, even though it’s break week, for a digital painting workshop hosted by none other than HNI. Aaah, a post involving HNI – hasn’t happened in a while. Anyway, it was quite fun and informative. We painted this pepper and then did a picture of this lady with flying hair but I got fed up with her and worked on painting a fashion sketch.

Oh look, a rather fabulously rendered pepper.

I haven’t done much else today. I came home and exercised because I decided that:
1. I have this entire week to do as much exercise as I can, so I should utilize the shit out of it.
2. It was time for a shower.

And then I watched this movie called Water Lilies on Netflix. It’s a french movie about this really awkward as fuck girl who kinda falls in love with the ‘popular’ girl in synchronized swimming and becomes her lapdog of sorts. It was a strange, yet pretty good movie. Lots of awkward scenes.  The music reminded me of the 80s.



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