Today has been a very finger-intensive day. I thought my fingers were going to fall off after I finished my couture dress[!!!], but that was nothing compared to the hardcore sewing I did for the interfacing of my draping 2 final. I’m pretty sure my middle finger is going to be sore for like a week. 

I’m nearly done with my draping 2 final and it’s really exciting me. All I have to do is put a zipper in the top, close it up, and then close up the skirt band and add hooks and eyes to both parts. YAY! And I just finished the sketch for the ensemble in Photoshop. My first sketch with the tabby tabs! Check it out:

My ass also hurts from all the sitting I’ve been doing today. I can’t wait until I have free time to exercise to my heart’s content. Seriously. I very much need to get moving again. One more day!!

Also, if anyone watches New Girl out there [AND YOU SHOULD] who is reading this post right now – can I just say how hilarious last night’s episode was? I fucking loved Schmidt. Jess saw Nick’s penis in the episode and LOLed and then Schmidt found out he was the only one of the roommates who hadn’t seen it, so the entire episode he was trying to get Nick to show him his penis. There was this one part where he was hiding in a stall and then peered over and was like “Come on man” and Nick was like wtf are you doing get out of here. And then at the end of the episode, Nick was getting ready to get in the shower, and he turned on the water and stood outside the shower for a few seconds and then said “Schmidt, get out of the shower” and Schmidt came out soaking wet and was like “I’m the only one who hasn’t seen it, come on man!!” I died laughing. I want to be Schmidt’s bff. 



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