Feathers, Photoshop, and Child of Eden.

I finally got around to uploading those ornament pictures! So I’ll start off with saying that the 2 I took of the ornaments with the feathers on the top are terrible and I will have to retake them to do them any justice. But otherwise, here are the promised pics of the bottom-feathered ornaments!

Anyway, HNI finally brought this game he’s been telling me about for 2 months called Child of Eden and we played it on his XBox360 with Kinect for about half an hour after I got off work in an empty classroom. It was awesome. The creator of the game had synesthesia [like both HNI and me] and while I was playing he goes “Aren’t you overloading on synesthesia right now?” and I was like no, are you? And he goes “YES!” It was great.

Photoshop is seriously distracting. I just spent like half an hour in the middle of this post working in it on the left picture of the above series. Photo editing is fun when you know how to do stuff, you know? As is anything, I think. Like math. If I understand what I’m doing, I’m like BRING IT ON BITCHES. But don’t throw quadratic equations at me, hahaha. That’s one concept I never understood. I don’t know if I was absent that day in 8th grade when we learned the quadratic formula or I was just super sleepy or what, but I never got that down.

I’m pretty sure there were other things I might have wanted to talk about tonight, but I want to go to sleep at a reasonable time and get some reading in beforehand, so this is gonna be it. Until tomorrow!

Graduation Cruise FTW!

I finally received my 60 pairs of faux eyelashes from Hong Kong in the mail and they came with a cute little glue as well. I tested a pair out earlier and I’m not sure I’m just paranoid about using Hong Kong lash glue that I don’t know the ingredients of or what, but my eyes hurt a wee little. I did just take a bath though…I’m not sure. Either way, if my eyeballs fall out or I get eye cancer or I go blind, I will be pissed. Just sayin’.

"fou your eye make up point" So cute. That Chinese on the side is probably telling me I'm going to get eye cancer and die.

Today I convinced (there was really no convincing necessary) Alyza that we should go on a cruise after we graduate and we spent like 2 hours looking up cruises to the Caribbean. And then HNI showed up and he was like NO, YOU NEED TO GO TO ON A ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE and then i was like HOLD ON A SECOND, IS THAT THE ONE WITH THE BIGGEST CRUISE SHIP IN THE WORLD!? and he was like YEAH and I got super excited because then our IT guy got into the convo and he told us he has cruised on the Oasis of the Seas. I WAS SO EXCITED I STARTED JUMPING UP AND DOWN AND SQUEALING AND HIGH FIVING PEOPLE AS ALYZA WAS READING OFF VARIOUS DECK ATTRACTIONS (on the Voyager, but still.) It’s one of my all time cruise-dreams to sail upon the Oasis. That ship is a fucking beast. I call it “The Beast.” I am so excited. Cruising is something I think everyone should experience in their lives. Even if it takes you years to save up for one. You need to do it. And don’t be lame and do a 3-5 day cruise. Do at least 7 days, more if you can – YOU DESERVE IT.


Anyway, I’m supposed to be participating in this Secret Santa that I’ve done for the past 2 years, but I’m kind of on the fence this year. I feel a bit disconnected from the place that’s hosting it, and I’m not sure if I should go through with it or not. It’s always nice getting snail mail presents though. Especially from Secret Santa’s. I think I’ll do it! Yay convincing myself!

I’m pretty excited for Christmas this year because I get to give a few important people in my life presents. I’ve always been the person who loves getting presents – but let me tell you – giving presents is just as fun. For realsies. Especially if they’re  funny or awesome. The look on people’s faces is priceless. Vibrators for everyone!

Political Incorrectness.

As I was eating a few minutes ago, I was flipping through an Ulta flyer and noticed they had makeup “holiday ornaments” and it made me think for the umpteenth time how far is too far when trying to be “politically correct” around this time of year?

My biggest gripe with PCness is that first and foremost, a Christmas tree is not and never will be a “holiday tree.” Jews don’t put up trees for Hanukkah. Muslims don’t put up trees either. Nor do Buddhists or Hindis or any other religion except Christians. At least as far as I know – and I even did a quick Google search, but I got nothing. Therefore, I believe I am right in saying that calling a Christmas tree a “holiday tree” would be like calling a Menorah a “holiday candle holder.” *seriousface* A blasphemy. Shame on anyone who does call it a “holiday tree.”

Anyway, today I went on a mini shopping adventure with my dad. We picked up food and then stopped by Dunham’s and Michael’s and I got 6 clear glass ornaments, fake snow, 2 $1.00 clip-on birdie ornaments, and some tiny paper baggies. I’ll have to remember to take a picture of how I decorated 4/6 of the clear ornaments tomorrow cause it was dark out by the time I finished and I hate flash photos.

Which reminds me, yesterday I tried out How About Orange’s How To Make Your Own Bokeh Shapes after I put up the Christmas tree and they look awesome! I only did a heart because I was in a hurry to see if it actually worked – and it does and I’m super excited about it.

Christmas Is Officially Here.

Today has been a relatively productive day. Although I haven’t begun either one of my papers that are due on Tuesday, I not only single-handedly put up our Christmas tree and massive globes outside the house, but I also made and wrapped presents for 4 people today. Well, made for 2, wrapped for all 4. But still! Quite proud of myself.

I just finished watching Aeon Flux – which was a rather strange movie, but pretty good nonetheless. Lots of impressive acrobatics. And now I’m watching The Big Bang Theory marathon on TBS. They’re currently playing the time machine episode. I love Sheldon.

I just saw a commercial for T-Mobile. It features “little people” or dwarves, as I call them, dressed up as elves. Isn’t their condition called dwarfism anyway? Regardless, whenever I see dwarves dressed up elves and the like, it makes me wonder whether those people felt ashamed or demeaned or anything when they agreed to play those roles. At some point, I feel like it’s continuing the prejudice [?] and belittling of these people. But on the other hand, who would play elves? It’s a tough situation.