Happy Halloween!

Today is technically the last day of the 30 day NANOWRIMO pre-challenge, but I think I might extend this to possibly be a 365 project. Maybe. Probably. It should get me more hits, right? I’m determined not to have this blog poop out like my other ones. I think the problem with my other ones is that they’re topic based. This is more freestyle.

Anyway, today I went to work as a cat, and so did my boss! I was expecting her to be a nerd because that’s what she said she was probably going to show up as, but when I opened the door, I saw her costume and I laughed and I was like “we’re twins!” It was cute. I would post a picture of both of us, but I’m not sure how she’d feel about that. So instead I will post this great picture my mom took of me jumping out in the backyard before the trick-or-treaters arrived. I decided I would call myself Pandacat because even though I have a cat tail and whiskers, my ears look pandaish. PANDACAT.


There is nothing else to talk about because today was quite uneventful. Like I predicted: no parties, no drunkenness, and no slutting it out. Although I did do the skanky panda look. 


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