Sushi and Drinks and Halloween, Oh My!

Amount of things I did today that contributed to my homework assignments: 0
Amount of things I did today that were pure fun: quite a few. :D
Including grocery shopping with my dad [which doesn’t sound like fun, but it was. I got sushi and drinks, yummo!] and making my mom get out of the house for about 10 minutes to take pictures of me jumping because I felt the need to capture my hair in motion. There’s a lot where she captured me genuinely laughing and while I think they’re not that attractive, they are attractive in the sense of “hey look, a genuine emotion.” You know?

This is my favorite in terms of motion of the hair.

I can’t wait for this term to be over. Only one more week and then a week full of freedom to do anything I want and wake up whenever I want with no alarm!! But it’s all bittersweet. All the cool kids are graduating. Which really is quite depressing. This will be the third time I’ll have gotten close with coworkers only to have to say goodbye so soon. I want to say that it’s not like we’ll never see each other again, but it’s probably somewhat true. I can look back on any friendship from high school and early college and say that those who graduated have not kept in touch. But it works both ways. Life gets in the way. It’s how these things go. Nothing you or I can do but move forward. Right? Right.

Nostalgia aside, tomorrow is Halloween! And I’m kind of excited even though I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a loner as usual, not getting drunk via keg-stands and whoring myself out with friends. I’ll be dressing up as a cat I think. Although I was just about to go Google panda makeup and see how to do it in case I do a last minute change. I watched Heidi Klum’s vlog thingy on AOL earlier today about her costumes. She has incredibly strange taste in Halloween costumes, but I kinda like it in that weird way. So I checked back to AOL a few minutes ago and saw this article where I found this fantastic picture of Kim Kardashian. I really don’t like Kim Kardashian for many reasons, but I am in love with this take on Ivy. Makes me wish I was Ivy for Halloween!

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