Mr. Saxobeat On Replay.

Aaah!! I knew I should’ve posted while it was still daylight out. I missed my posting time slot for 10/29 and it is officially 10/30 here in the EST time zone, so technically, I missed a day in the 30 day post challenge. But it is currently only 15 minutes after midnight as I’m typing this, and that feels like the same day to me, so I’m going to count this as yesterday’s post and there will be another one in about 20 some hours.

The reason I’m so late writing this is because I worked and then I came home and watched The Princess of Montpensier which was quite an excellent period piece that I believe was part of the Sundance Film Festival. At least it was a Sundance Pick or something like that. I recommend it for anyone interested in the 1500s Renaissance period, particularly in France. The guy that plays the Duke of Anjou is the hottest Duke of Anjou I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen quite a few because I love watching Renaissance era movies. Ya’ll should watch this movie just for the sexy eye-candy that the Duke of Anjou is.

I also sold a nice amount of items at Job 2 tonight. Although I worked with Job 2 boss, and she scares me a little. In somewhat of a good way, but mostly in a “oh shit, I’m gonna fall apart” kind of way. I never feel quite at ease with her. I prefer Job 2 Mini Boss because if I mess up on something, she has a calmer way of handling it. Life.

Lastly, the other day when I VCAST Song IDed Alexandra Stan’s Mr. Saxobeat and I saw her name, I was like “this chick’s gotta be Romanian.” and lo and behold, she is. Makes me proud to be Romanian. Enjoy the video:


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