Careful What You Wish For, Cause You Just Might Get It

So I went shopping at Sears with my mom, with somewhat of an intent to buy some boots for the winter, came out with these UK Style by French Connection booties. They were marked down to $49.99 and are surprisingly very comfortable. So I couldn’t just leave them there. However, purchases like this always make me feel a twinge of guilt. I live a rather hardcore freeloader life here in my parents house. I don’t pay any bills, not even my student loans, which I know I should be doing. I don’t get my own gas. I can’t pay my own phone bill because it’s bundled. But I do pay for Netflix…although that’s more luxury than necessity.

Somewhat relatedly, I’ve been meaning to talk about this for a while, but I never remember to when it comes time to write up the posts. It really annoys me when people who have a lot want more. Before I elaborate, I should mention that this is a rather hypocritical statement, as I too am human and I too have a continually unsatisfied taste for more.

That aside, like I said, it annoys me. Sometimes it pisses me off too. I just feel like if you’re already well endowed with riches, you should stop trying to win stuff. And if you make the moneyz, then you should spend your money on quality clothing and upkeep yourself. That’s another pet peeve I have in that regard. People who earn good money should spend it on good things. Don’t be a cheapskate. Don’t buy shit from Wet Seal and 5-7-9. Go to Nordstrom Rack and Tommy Hilfiger and shop for what your money desires to be spent on. 

That said, we also stopped by Meijer after the mall, and I only spent $12 on quite a lot of food. Including Welch’s tropical fruit juices!

Lastly, I saw an article on AOL earlier about South Africa banning this commercial because it quote “offended Christians” and I thought that was slightly hilarious.


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