Yew Berries Are Delicious.

You know what sucks? Bleeding out your vagina, that’s what. I know, I know – that sounds so incredibly crass – but listen, it is not fun. And I have never and will never understand you weirdo chicks who were excited when you first got your period. What the fuck is wrong with you? I feel like anyone who was excited or even remotely happy when they first got their period has a bolt loose in their head. And I don’t care if that makes me sound like a total bitch. Vag bleeding is repulsive!

Anyway, aside from shedding a uterus, today was pretty good. Although I’m quite sleepy at the moment after working Job 2 and shopping and showering and collecting berries. THAT’S RIGHT. It’s that time of year when the two yew bushes we have in our front garden have a multitude of ripe yew berries and I go and pick them. I’m pretty sure all of my neighbors think I’m nuts when I’m clambering over dead flowers – but they’re not poisonous and they taste fantastically delicious. We’ve also got Nightshade berries in the backyard and those are poisonous – so regardless of how delicious and tempting they look, I sadly can’t pick them. :(

Also, I just drank some apple cider and it really makes me want doughnuts. Like the hearty kind, not the flimsy Krispy Kreme variety.  I think it is totally necessary that my family and I go to a cider mill this year and pick apples and get cider and doughnuts.



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