I’m A Shopaholic.

I’ve been debating buying this coat from ASOS for about a month now. I feel like it’ll flatter my figure, and the color is unique. I know almost for sure that no one in my area would have this coat because it’s from overseas and I’m pretty sure not a lot of Metro Detroiters know of ASOS, so the chance of running into anyone else with it would be very slim – therefore I’d be special, and there’s only like a handful of things that make me happier than owning something that’s somewhat one of a kind.

I especially cannot get over how gorgeously rich that color is. The runway video they have of the model in it isn’t that rich looking, but that might be the camera in combination with the lights. I feel like in real life, the coat will very close to the gorgeous chestnut the pictures show.

MID-WRITING POST UPDATE: I got distracted, hopped around websites, and ended up buying the coat. Oddly, I don’t feel as guilty as I expected to.

And now I’m going to see if I could possibly squeeze in macro pictures outside even though the light is faltering. I should grab my Gorillapod.




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