Hypothetically Tap That Ass.

You know how sometimes you have an instructor who you would totally bang if it was okay? I know this is common because I’ve had plenty of conversations with people about it before, so don’t look at your computer screen so disapprovingly cause you’re probably one of them anyway. Well, there may or may not be one or two in my life that I’d definitely say yes to.

I’ll start off with the newest one. I thought he was a student today when I met him because of the was he was dressed and how young he looks. But apparently he’s a teacher. And wow, what a hot tamale of a teacher he is. And a good conversationalist. And a good dresser. And quite nice in general. I thoroughly enjoyed our interaction. And yes, I would hypothetically tap that ass.

Then there’s the one I’ve had a many month long crush on. We just click. It’s easy to talk with him about anything because he’s so knowledgeable and I really enjoy that in a person. Not having conversational bumps is a great thing. Also, he’s pretty good looking, although his personality acts as a booster shot.

The good thing about both of these guys is that I will never have them as instructors because they do not teach in my major. So for any of you reading this out there, you can quit peeing your pants and biting your nails cause the reality of ever getting anything on is probably never going to come to fruition. But that doesn’t mean a girl can’t hold a fantasy!



  1. As I was sitting in class today I had the though as I was staring at my professor…”if the opportunity presented…..would I take advantage of it?”. Your “Shut up I know you thought of it too” attitude made me laugh out loud, it’s like the post came out of the conversation in my head!


    1. Right? I know I’m not the only person on this earth that has these thoughts. Which makes me feel better about it. Also, I’m glad you laughed. You’re making me achieve a fantastic goal.



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