My Life Be Like Ooo-Aaah.

Finally finishing samples in couture class seems to have lessened the load of work I have to do for my classes, but I’m pretty sure it’s just an illusion and I’ll find myself wanting to bang my head against hard objects soon enough. It’s midterm week which means there’s still plenty to do and I still feel like any time I spend not working on schoolwork is time wasted. Except for this. It’s kind of therapeutic writing humorously about my trials and tribulations.

So last evening I made myself a Daily’s strawberry slushie without the alcohol and sat outside on our bench drinking it when I noticed a particular squirrel that I had seen in the morning hopping along. My mom told me there was a squirrel in our neighborhood who was missing a paw, and lo and behold, it was hopping ever so slightly slower than most squirrels to our tree, and when it was climbing it, I saw that it’s front left paw was missing. It climbed all the way into a nook in our tree and adjusted itself with its head sticking out. It was so cute I could barely stand it. My dad wanted to hose the hole and I said no, the poor thing is missing a paw!

Anyway, I watched the series premiere of Terra Nova tonight and it was pretty good. I can already see the plot and subplots, but there’s definitely an intrigue and a sense of wanting to see more – especially with the whole Commander Taylor’s son being the one who leaves the markings on the cliffs by the falls. Hopefully this show gets to play out its whole season and doesn’t get cut cause there’s some pretty hot eye candy.

Speaking of eye candy, previous to watching Terra Nova, I watched The Man Who Cried on Netflix with Christina Ricci, Cate Blanchett and Johnny Depp. And that guy that played the cop in Transformers who kept trying to lock up Megan Fox. It was a really good movie. Johnny Depp probably said like 20 words the entire movie. He played a Romany gypsy in Paris who Christina’s character falls in love with and ultimately has some pretty raunchy sexytime with. My favorite part of the whole movie is when she follows him and two of his friends to their campsite and then the gypsies start singing and they’re singing in Romanian. I got pretty excited, even though they’re gypsies. [Also, if you’re confused, Romany and Romanian are two different things. Never call a Romanian a Romany. You will get punched. In the fucking throat. I will be the one to punch you.] Watch this movie.


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