Detroit Design Festival 2011

So this whole week is the Detroit Design Festival 2011 [or #DDF11 if you’re tweeting] and as part of it there are a bunch of artsy exhibits all throughout Detroit. Tonight was the one I participated in – Eat Sleep Draw.

There were 8 artists, myself included, with about 10×10 ft of space to display some of our art and use the given space to paint a live piece. The theme for our show was the Belle Isle Aquarium, and we had to draw on our experiences and memories with the place and Detroit in general and convey them in our pieces.

Given that I’ve only been to the aquarium once where I witnessed about 3 sad aquariums with like 5 fish in each and several out of commission tanks, I had little to draw on. However, during that trip, which was with my 3rd grade class, they did take us into a separate room and showed us some large dead starfish. So initially, I was going to paint something with a starfish. However, I went a different route.

I’m pretty good are doing ombre stuff, so I decided to paint a vortexy looking piece, as if you were at the bottom of the sea looking up through kelp. Above, there’s two sting rays floating and having a good time, not caring about anything. I think it turned out pretty good. I set the bidding price at $53.00 because everyone else was at $50-80 and I wanted to be different hahaha. Proceeds from the silent auction go to help restore the Belle Isle Aquarium. And trust me, it needs it if it looks anything like it did 10 years ago.

If you’re out in Detroit this week, there are many events going on throughout the city. Check out the lineup at the official DDF website by clicking here.

To see a better closeup of my piece, check it out on my Deviantart, here.


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