The First Bitch.

In the words of Jacob Israel from Glee [whom I detest, btw], SHALOM, BLOGOSPHERE. No, I’m not Jewish – but through a rather longass thought process, I arrived to the conclusion that that greeting was probably the most appropriate and simultaneously [slightly] hilarious after remembering a conversation I had nearly 12 hours ago at work with my boss involving how I think Jacob is a douchelord, but we can save that for a post about Glee later on.

Anyway, I plan for this blog to be my [rather public] place to bitch about life and the injustices of it as well as the gloriousness that comes along with e-booking the shit out of your textbooks for college and Aldi’s delicious and lowly priced Choceur chocolate. I swear that stuff is sent from the gods.  Just kidding that’s supposed to be Ferrero Rocher, right? [I love Ferrero too. So much, it makes me cry.]

So, first order of business: you know it’s the beginning of the hellish Christmas season when you have 2 jobs and you juggle intense classes with teachers who give you excessive amounts of homework and everyday you go home you want to tear every follicle out of your head because there’s never enough time to do anything. I literally feel like there’s less amount of time in the world right now with all the crap I have to do for school, not to mention my training at my new job requires something like “homework” involving knowing lifetime warranties as well as how metals react with speed-brite and other shit. It’s extremely stressful, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to want to kill myself every week. Okay, not really, since I’m not suicidal nor do I have suicidal tendencies – but so much pressure can really get to a person.

I guess it’s also partially my fault. When I do have freetime, I don’t “use it wisely” by doing homework. I prefer to do stuff like exercise believe it or not, and watch tv and maybe read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the fifth time. No biggie. I guess I should be trying to do some homework but I mean…it’s called freetime for a reason, right? *sigh* Sometimes life gets overly complex. Like when you like guys who don’t like you back and you realize you just wasted four months on a fruitless basket. And that’s when you kick life in the nuts and give it a nice big “fuck you” with your middle finger in the air.

There’s so much more I can bitch about, but there’s only so much a person can read in one post. Therefore, I will leave you all with a lovely reenactment of an interaction I had this morning walking into work:

*Walks behind desk, stuff is not even set down yet*
Guy who was behind me by 5 steps:  *Stands there*
Me: Can I help you?
Guy: Uh, can I get some headphones please?
Me: I’m not signed in yet.
Guy: Oh. *Walks away. Comes back at the EXACT MOMENT I log in* Can I have some headphones now?

And this is why I call working in anything to do with customer service, Hell.


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