Paris, Royal Oak.

The other night, after picking up fabric from Haberman’s in Royal Oak, my mom and I decided to drive a few blocks up to the downtown area and go to Astoria bakery. After I picked out a plethora of pastries that have finally all been consumed today by my family, we decided that since we had about 16 minutes left on our parking meter, that we’d stop by this cute little store next to Salvation Army called Paris.

This store is a magical maze full of vintage goodies and some new upcycled accessories. I didn’t know where to look first, but several tea sets caught my eye. I recognized them as something I’d seen this summer at the Ferndale Go Green Festival [or something of that nature in name]. I remember talking to a lady who said she had a sort of dealer that found teacups and sold them to her. Anyway, this lady glued them together and stuck a PVC pipe on the bottom and sold them as lawn ornaments – which I thought was a complete shame. These are real vintage pieces for god sake!

Right as we were walking out the door, a particular blue tea cup set caught my eye, but since we knew we didn’t have any more money left on our parking meter and we didn’t want to get a ticket, we had to go. So I went back there today by myself and made a commitment to buy it. And while I was exploring the shop some more, I found another set that was similar, but red. I discovered that both sets are German. The sales associate that rang me up said the blue set was exceptional and I agreed that it stood out. I think both of them stand out, really. Most of the other sets I looked at were from England, with the exception of one Japanese set I found in a corner, and featured mostly little flower prints. They were cute, don’t get me wrong – but I enjoy owning special and unique things, so I couldn’t leave these two there.

I’m pretty sure this is one of the best purchases of my life. 

Also while I was in Royal Oak, I decided to drop by the local Barnes and Noble on Main Street, but not before I was stopped by a bum lady asking me for money. I told her I didn’t carry cash, even though I did – and I don’t feel bad about it. She was smoking a cigarette. If you can afford cigarettes, then you can afford to buy yourself food. 

At Barnes and Noble, I bought The Complete Fairytales of Oscar Wilde because 1. I fucking love Oscar Wilde 2. I fucking love fairytales, and 3. It was only like $6. I also bought What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones because it’s been on my To Read List for several years, and Job 1 Boss has told me repeatedly that I need to read it, so I finally gave in. Plus, I feel like I’m supporting the dying era of real books by buying print.

I headed back to my car after Barnes and Noble cause I knew my 1 hour and 9 minutes was almost up, but not before this guy caught my eye and asked me if I knew how to get to the bus stop at Woodward. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what he asked me first, cause then he asked me if I had $2.50 for a bus ticket. I almost said no, but then I found myself giving him the money and he was so thankful. I felt good about myself. I’m pretty sure karma’s going to repay me nicely for that. Even if it’s just me feeling good about it.

A New Era.

While doing my first browse of Tumblr for the day, a particularly long post showed up with several pictures taken of signs. Depending on my mood, I either do or don’t read posts like that. However, I checked the title of the post and realized it was pictures of signs of bookstores going out of business – because of e-readers.

This reminded me of being in Borders for the last time and feeling the sting of tears pushing against my eyes. I’ll never forget standing there looking at the place stripped to its bare bones, the furniture having SOLD signs on it. I stood there and thought to myself, “This is the end of an era.”

And so it is. And it is depressing to realize that something that has been part of our culture for thousands of years is finally being eclipsed by something that has only flourished within the last few years or so. What’s next? Cursive is nearly obsolete – I bet writing by hand is going to be obsolete in the years to come, and that’s just a shame. Although I guess the irony is that I’m typing this post and not writing it, isn’t it?

Nonetheless, pay attention good people to the changing times. A rift is occurring in our times that will change everything forever.

My Life Be Like Ooo-Aaah.

Finally finishing samples in couture class seems to have lessened the load of work I have to do for my classes, but I’m pretty sure it’s just an illusion and I’ll find myself wanting to bang my head against hard objects soon enough. It’s midterm week which means there’s still plenty to do and I still feel like any time I spend not working on schoolwork is time wasted. Except for this. It’s kind of therapeutic writing humorously about my trials and tribulations.

So last evening I made myself a Daily’s strawberry slushie without the alcohol and sat outside on our bench drinking it when I noticed a particular squirrel that I had seen in the morning hopping along. My mom told me there was a squirrel in our neighborhood who was missing a paw, and lo and behold, it was hopping ever so slightly slower than most squirrels to our tree, and when it was climbing it, I saw that it’s front left paw was missing. It climbed all the way into a nook in our tree and adjusted itself with its head sticking out. It was so cute I could barely stand it. My dad wanted to hose the hole and I said no, the poor thing is missing a paw!

Anyway, I watched the series premiere of Terra Nova tonight and it was pretty good. I can already see the plot and subplots, but there’s definitely an intrigue and a sense of wanting to see more – especially with the whole Commander Taylor’s son being the one who leaves the markings on the cliffs by the falls. Hopefully this show gets to play out its whole season and doesn’t get cut cause there’s some pretty hot eye candy.

Speaking of eye candy, previous to watching Terra Nova, I watched The Man Who Cried on Netflix with Christina Ricci, Cate Blanchett and Johnny Depp. And that guy that played the cop in Transformers who kept trying to lock up Megan Fox. It was a really good movie. Johnny Depp probably said like 20 words the entire movie. He played a Romany gypsy in Paris who Christina’s character falls in love with and ultimately has some pretty raunchy sexytime with. My favorite part of the whole movie is when she follows him and two of his friends to their campsite and then the gypsies start singing and they’re singing in Romanian. I got pretty excited, even though they’re gypsies. [Also, if you’re confused, Romany and Romanian are two different things. Never call a Romanian a Romany. You will get punched. In the fucking throat. I will be the one to punch you.] Watch this movie.

Detroit Design Festival 2011

So this whole week is the Detroit Design Festival 2011 [or #DDF11 if you’re tweeting] and as part of it there are a bunch of artsy exhibits all throughout Detroit. Tonight was the one I participated in – Eat Sleep Draw.

There were 8 artists, myself included, with about 10×10 ft of space to display some of our art and use the given space to paint a live piece. The theme for our show was the Belle Isle Aquarium, and we had to draw on our experiences and memories with the place and Detroit in general and convey them in our pieces.

Given that I’ve only been to the aquarium once where I witnessed about 3 sad aquariums with like 5 fish in each and several out of commission tanks, I had little to draw on. However, during that trip, which was with my 3rd grade class, they did take us into a separate room and showed us some large dead starfish. So initially, I was going to paint something with a starfish. However, I went a different route.

I’m pretty good are doing ombre stuff, so I decided to paint a vortexy looking piece, as if you were at the bottom of the sea looking up through kelp. Above, there’s two sting rays floating and having a good time, not caring about anything. I think it turned out pretty good. I set the bidding price at $53.00 because everyone else was at $50-80 and I wanted to be different hahaha. Proceeds from the silent auction go to help restore the Belle Isle Aquarium. And trust me, it needs it if it looks anything like it did 10 years ago.

If you’re out in Detroit this week, there are many events going on throughout the city. Check out the lineup at the official DDF website by clicking here.

To see a better closeup of my piece, check it out on my Deviantart, here.

You Might As Well Be Walking On The Sun

Double posts tonight, woo!

So because my first three posts were rather on the negative side, and I already have a snazzy little section called “Fun Stuff” for my posts, I thought I would share this little throwback from the 90s.

Today while I was working out [for the first time in a week, mind you, cause I have like NO TIME to do anything for myself anymore] my 3OH!3 Pandora station popped up Smash Mouth’s “Walking On The Sun” [<<<click it] and I was like, WHOA. I for sure burned extra calories during this song – it made me dance while I was gazelling!

This song really brings me back. It sounds like a 90s classic. I can hear the slight hollowness in the music and the set up of the notes is very much that era. Sometimes I really miss the 90s and my old lavendar spandex Snoopy shorts and blowing bubbles.

The Repeater.

There are many things out there that annoy me, whether minimally or a lot, but there’s only a few things that make me distance myself from people. One of these things is repeating oneself. I cannot stand it when someone tells me the same thing multiple times within a given amount of time. This given amount of time could be a few minutes, hours or days.

I once used to be close friends with someone who’s nature it was to repeat many things they said multiple times in a given conversation or day. It came to a point where I started telling them that it was bothering me how much of the same thing I was hearing, and I would tell them that yes, I heard it the first three times it was said – however, it never sunk it. It went in through one ear and out the other.

Therefore, if I’ve told you that yes, you’ve already told me this – please, for the love of god, STOP YOURSELF FROM TELLING ME AGAIN, because if I’ve heard it once, and it’s really not that important, 99% of the time, I do not want to hear you telling me about whatever it is you want to tell me about again.

It really grates my nerves.

Drivers Are Stupid.

I have always wanted to make a sort of “official” Things You Do That Make You A Douchebag While Driving list. Today will probably not be the day that that happens, however, I would like to complain about a few certain key points.

  1. Tailgating. I am more than positive that I’m not the only person that hates this. I cannot stand when people ride your ass, especially when you’re already driving above the speed limit. Like really Speedy Gonzalez, you’re gonna do that right now? Unless you’re birthing a baby out your vagina or you’re driving someone who is, you need to not be that douchebag.
  2. Lane-Hoppers. I hate you. You need to not swerve your ass in front of my car at high speeds and cut me off when there’s like the tiniest of spaces available. Like I’m pretty sure the only way you got into that space is because I had to brake to let your arrogant ass in.
  3. Slow Drivers. Listen, I know you’re technically allowed to drive under the speed limit by like 5 miles, [because you can totally get a ticket for driving too slow, I know people that have had that happen!] but I really don’t want to be driving at 40 mph when the posted speed limit gives me the capacity to accelerate to 45. Pay attention to signs damnit!
  4. Double left-turn lane assholes. Nearly every day, I take a particular road that requires I make a left turn lane at the end of it. This is no ordinary left turn lane though – oh no. It is a magical double left turn lane which means there’s two whole lanes turning at the same time. Now, this concept is fantastic because it allows people who need to merge onto I-75 to sit in the outer left turn lane, and people who plan on driving straight, to the inner lane. However, there are some haughty assholes out there who think that they’re smart. They like to sit in the inner lane because it generally has less cars, and then when they’re turning, decide to cut across 3 lanes of traffic so they can merge onto I-75 South when they should have been chillin’ in the outer lane. Listen here motherfuckers: you could fucking kill people like that. Stop doing it.
  5. U-Turn turds. I believe this is mainly a Michigan problem, since I’m told that we’re the only state that has legal U-turns. Like there’s a nice grassy median between opposing lanes and then you do this thing where you merge into this lane and then you swivel your car and you wait. Now, again, this is a fantastic idea – except when you’re again in the inner lane, and the asshole next to you in the outer lane has pulled their car up so far that you can’t see anything of oncoming traffic, which means that you have no idea whether you can go or not on a red light [or a non-light]. Fuck all ya’ll too. This one can in fact even be applied to just regular sitting and waiting for turns. There’s always that one asshole that blocks the view with their massive gas guzzling GMC truck.
And there’s a lot more where that came from.